Tuesday, January 10, 2012

San Diego, CAOne by One Self Storage is offering free premium listings and free customized landing pages for facilities across the country for a limited time. 

The free premium listings trail includes information and details about each enrolled self storage facility; provide a landing page that is customized for that particular facility.
“Our premium self storage listing is very complete and customize to each facility so it better represent of that center. In fact some facilities are using their premium listing as their main websites’ landing pages since it has all the features they would want their website to have” said the founder of One by One, referring to features of premium storage facility listings.
In addition to facility name, picture, address, contact information, and hours of operations and facility features, the premium listing in san diego also includes many other features such as multiple detailed pictures of the facility, facility reviews, facility ratings by customers, and coupons and discounts for that facility if they are offered. Customers can also get live quotes and do online reservations as well. 

About One by One
One by One as online
San Diego storage directory and then expanded to rest of the nation. One by One aims to be a comprehensive database of easily comparable and accessible storage facilities offering unlimited access to the best self storage internet deals! This easy-to-use search directory gives users and customers total access to the most up-to-date information on location, contact information, available units, unit dimensions, property features and of course the best prices around. When users find just what they’re looking for, they can simply reserve their unit and start storing!
To learn more about this offer and to read more on san diego self storage tips and articles, please visit their company’s storage blog

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